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First month $110.00 (required before 1st class- includes national AJJF membership and insurance, plus first month class fee)

 --Each additional month $50.00 (payable first week of month)

 --Annual deal $500.00 ( pay for whole year at once and get two months free!)

 --Per class fee $10.00 (pay before class)

 --Testing fee $20.00 (pay before test)

Class Descriptions:

 Regular Jujutsu class: Monday and Wednesday, 7-9 PM

This is the beginning class for all jujutsu and judo students. This class involves Rolls and Falls, Yawara (escapes, joint locks and self defense techniques), Nage (throws) and Newaza (basic groundwork).

 Jujutsu Lite classes: Tuesday, 7-9 PM

This class is a much less physically demanding version of the regular jujutsu class. The only physical requirement is the ability to show up for class!

 Judo class Thursday, 7 PM - exhaustion

This night the Kuroinukan magically becomes the Duluth Judo Club. Expect a vigorous warm-up and judo-related drills, open mat randori and practice matches. USJI-recognized judo ranks can be earned through a series of rank requirements geared to DZR students.

 Advanced Jujutsu class (brown belt and up): Friday, 6 PM - 8 PM

This class is for only students with an AJJF jujutsu brown belts and up. This class warms up with the regular class schedule and then progresses to the higher boards. This class also takes the regular techniques and begins the process of developing the jujutsuka into a martial artist. Please note: No visitors are allowed to watch this class.